List # 68: Songs for June

On my way to the library this morning I heard Closing Time by Semisonic and was immediately cast back to the last few days of high school and everything that came with it. Although I think this actually came out my junior year of high school, and not senior, it reminds me of change. I knew as soon as my junior year ended that I was ready to leave high school and that I was (happily) about to face the beginning of the end.

But really, hearing this song this morning made me think about all of the songs that remind me of this time of year. Early June, the promise of summer stretched out ahead and the feeling that almost anything can happen in three months. And even at 29, I kind of still feel that way about this summer. Here's hoping.

So, tonight's list of songs that are meant for June:

Fiest ~ I Feel it All
This reminds me of breaking out of Montessori for the officially the last time. I listened to this a album most of that last year, but this song is forever June.

Baz Luhrman ~ Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen
Because who didn't graduate in 1999 and NOT get emotional over this speech/song? It actually kind of resonates with me today. And the video is so ridiculously terrible. But funny that in 1999, I could have never guessed in a million years that this is where I would be standing in life today.

Usher ~ Let it Burn
I listened to the Confessions album almost nonstop in 2004. Recovering from my first real love, getting ready to bust out of the country and enjoying young, single, 20s. And I'm not embarassed in admitting that this song used to make me cry my eyes out but feel oh. so damn. good. This was Usher's best album ever and I wish this Usher was still around and not hanging out with Justin Beiber.

And of course:

So tell me, lovely readers, what songs remind you of of June? Are they sweet, sad or totally cheesy? Please, share your June song stories in the comments.

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