Note # 3: Because it's Summer & We Should All Listen

You may have seen this passed around on Facebook. So many of my family, and even friends, have shared this in the past month but I haven't. Until now.

It's Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. And suddenly it's a race to get tan and lay out in the sun all afternoon. But please, think about it before you do. Choose a self-tanning lotion instead and slap on the sunscreen. Stay in the shade and embrace the pale. I do. I have since my dear cousin was diagnosed with melanoma 5 years ago. I do it because I have more moles than my cousin did, I spent way more time in the sun than she ever did, I do it because of my family history. I do it because sometimes I can't believe, when I look in the mirror, that someone my age, so close to my heart, has suffered and is now is gone because of terrible, terrible cancer.

Melanoma is a young person's disease that takes away life. Sometimes I feel that our society will never get over the attraction attached to golden skin and sunbathing, but please, think about my dear cousin this summer. I can't watch this video without crying and I don't want anyone else to have to feel that way too.


  1. Just started putting on my gradual-self-tanner this weekend so I can slather on the SPF this summer without looking so white I'm blue. Thank goodness self-tanners have evolved beyond QT-orange! Great reminder, Shannon! : )

  2. OH - and that background music is one of my favorite songs these days.

  3. OKOKOKOK...one more comment. Just watched that and am now weeping. And sort of laughing, because it was an awfully sweet video. Going to the derm this week now. Thanks, Shannon, you lovely chicka!

  4. Thank you for sharing, Shannon. We found a mole yesterday on my 16 year old cousin that needs to be checked. She was sitting at my Gram's house and my mom pointed to it on her back and my heart dropped because it does NOT look healthy.

    I used to go to the tanning bed constantly but I decided two years ago that I never will again.