Stuff I Write #1: It Takes Guts to Share

I wrote this a few weeks ago, inspired by a friend who shared a piece of her own writing, and debated for quite some time about sharing it here. I know that I blog, and share so much of life, but there is also a lot that I would never write here. Because it would hurt people, because there are always two sides to a story, and because not everything needs to be in print.

Lately though, I've been breathing sighs of relief and feeling that the next chapter in my life is here. I've always been open and honest but now I am trying to kick the shit out of life every day. So why not share what I've written and then leave it out there for others to read. And really let it free to disappear.

So, today, I bring you (with a lot of nerves and bravery):

The Same Old Story

I wear old t-shirts to bed imagining the smell of you.
They may have been washed nearly fifty times or more,
threads spinning wildly in the machine,
each delicate cycle creating suds where you used to be.
And when I slip a shirt over my chest,
it's baggy way of being feels like your body.
On top of mine. Again.
Suddenly, it is easy to remember the nooks and crannies of our bodies,
side by side, together, on our bed.
Reading and laughing as the rain finally came to a stop.
And then I can see my hand, gripping for more,
my heart pausing each time you pull away,
reach for the laundry, slip a shirt over your head and tell me--
"No, not tonight."

So, what do you think? What about your readers, is there something you do that is really hard to share with the world?


  1. So lovely and powerful...I am so happy that you are "kicking the shit out of life." I see you as a role model for myself; you are strong, beautiful, and brave. I enjoy our nights in and out, our discussions over drinks and at work. I am blessed to have you as a friend.

    And I will say it again: write a book, please? <3

  2. This friend who inspired you to write...she sounds amazing! You should spend more time with her! Really the poem is beautiful. It takes a lot to share part of yourself. I'm glad you did.

  3. You're such an amazing writer, Shan! I know it's hard to share, but you have a gift.

  4. Lindsey,

    Thank you so much! I'm so glad to call you a friend and please, don't look up to me too much. I'm a bit of a mess on occasion, if you haven't noticed.

    Yeah, this friend is pretty awesome. And really talented. Yesterday she took me to see the world's biggest teapot.

    Wow. Just thank you. It's hard for me to realize I have any talent in writing (seriously, not just saying that to fish for compliments). I had people tell me back in the day that I'd never be a writer and that nothing I wrote was all that good. But now I'm beginning to think that maybe I do have some talent inmesomewhere. Not everyone can write the next great American novel, but I think I handle personal narrative just fine.

    Thanks so much, ladies!