list #???: absentee

I haven't been blogging much lately. Way less than I like to, actually. But it is not because I am taking a hiatus. But for all the other ways that life gets in the way. I will be back, with stories and lists, but give me the holiday weekend to catch up. I may pop in during the next few days, but I know it won't be with scheduled emphasis.

So this morning's list? The life this that are happening that keep getting in the way:

Summer reading busting my butt as the library gears up for its busiest season.

Evening plans that bring me home later than normal.

A story about a girl and her bike and not wanting to waste any more energy.

Missing a loved one.

Early to bed. See the summer reading thing.

Twitter. And books. And season finale television.

What gets in your way of creativity, lovely readers?
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  1. Summer Reading Planning is intense, but I'm trying to use it to be creative. I'm polishing some new booktalks I'm going to be taking to the schools, and I shot this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1yJCjqpOJE&feature=player_embedded

    That isn't to say that I don't totally kick myself for not being more productive and more creative. It's so easy to constantly yearn for higher goals. Blog when you want to, and when you need to, and we will continue to read and enjoy.

  2. Grazinohmygod,

    Thanks for the continuing support! With the blog & in library central. I am trying to be creative too, though haven't made any videos. Yours is cute btw. And my library dream is that one day we'll work in the same system...I bet we'd kick library butt together.