Letter # 16: To Myself in the Mirror

I sat down to write tonight's posts and realized that I haven' written anything here since Wednesday. Quite a long time for this librarian to be away, but a Friday off and a very busy, fun and active weekend certainly can keep a girl away.

And now it's tonight and I just facing a bit of writer's block. So, I am taking a cute from Peter DeWolf and focusing on a blogging project now.

So for tonight, here is my letter to myself, after staring at the mirro for a minute. With not a hint of make-up, wavy hair pinned back by bobby pins, in a college t-shirt after taking an evening walk.

Dear Me,

You have the moles of your ancestors. Beauty marks that forever connect you to the past. Once told that your Great-Grandmother, on your mother's side, had them as well. It reminds you of relatives never met and now, sadly, the best relatives now gone. You must always wear sunscreen and answer questions from children like "Why do you have so many spots?"

If you look closely, you can see the scar left from a dog bite in the eleventh grade. Not just any dog, but your new puppy. It's a story you tell lovers after awhile and you're always pleased that they don't notice. Or they notice, just months later than they should have. The same goes for that blonde streak in your hair, that's most certainly real and definitely not dyed.

And these are the things that make you. And except for maybe a week or two in the seventh grade, you've never shied away from the beauty marks, and you've never really been worried about the scar. And you have never colored your hair for fear of losing your streak.

So I want you to remember: yours is face to be loved. You're brassy and bold but sweet and quiet all at the same time. You're a feminine force to be reckoned with. And just because you've had your heart disappointed and your head messed, doesn't mean anything less than someone(s) not being right for your life.

All of those things were suppose to happen along your road and (as corny as it sounds) your travels are not yet finished. Just think of all the experiences that are out there on the horizon, the people you're meeting all of time, and the laughs that are surely going to bring about a few happy wrinkles.

Your face is a unique one. Beauty marks are rare. So if they forget you and yours, then let them go. And remember that smiles should come your way as often as possible.

So, lovelies? Will you take this challenge? Or at least share your thoughts to the mirror image of yourself in the comments?


  1. All I see are acne scars. Lots and lots of acne scars.

    I did some cursory research recently, and it looks like - unless I win the lottery - my face is going to be a minefield for the rest of my life. Yes, there are treatments, but they cost thousands of dollars and they aren't guaranteed results.

  2. I don't know if I'm up for the challenge, but I did want to comment that I can relate to the questions asked about the "spots" on your face. I used to hate my moles! Laura used to say to me, "I'm not going to lie to you, I like you more because of your moles". We'd always talk about how "mole-y" we were. :)

  3. Oh yes- and I meant to tell you my blogs too. I've been doing kind of a health-based one, that talks about ways to better your lifestyle/health and help you through tough times. I've been focusing on grief and will probably focus on Melanoma in upcoming posts. I haven't been posting regularly, so I only have 1 follower- you should definitely follow me! :)

    I also have a music blog, which I retired from like 2 years ago, but I'm feeling a need for music in my life right now, so I'm going to start it back up. Here they are: