List # 65: Things I Do Have

Yesterday I was thinking wistfully about the things I just don't have in my posession. Quite frankly, things that I won't be having anytime soon. And then today I got to sleep in, wear a pretty dress, feel accomplished at work, sign up to present at a conference and just well, smile.

So today's list, things that I do have. Right now.
  • A pile of books on my desk set aside for story times. It's both a blessing and a curse. And can be rather annoying when I can't actually see my desk thanks to programming and papers and more.
  • Pictures of my sweet cousin taped to my storage closet at my desk. From this past Christmas. All of us piled on top of each other in a garage. Something we don't think twice about, but strangers would question.
  • A friend moving to Columbus whom I will miss dearly. She's the best, but I can't wait to hear about her new adventures, dance with her at weddings and visit.
  • Black and white, polka dot wellies. And they sure are getting lots of use this spring.
  • Jewelry I have no intention of every wearing again. But am not quite ready to take out of the box just yet.
  • A library friend coming into town this weekend. You won't want to mess with me for about 48 hours, as she'll get medieval on your ass if you do. She's that fierce.
  • Texts and tweets that make the day much more fun. From unexpected to flirty to The Hunger Games. You really can't go wrong.
  • Tickets to Saturday night's Pirates Game. Such a hot commodity, aren't they?
  • A warm blanket.
So what do you have, right now, lovelies? From the silly to the sentimental. Let's make a list and count what's right there.


  1. Lovely list! Always nice to take a moment to be present with what is, eh? Some of what I have right now...a lovely pinkish-lavendar jacket on that makes me feel girly. Bright red lipstick that I almost never wear. An impromptu weekday breakfast this morning with Maki of homemade french toast. The enjoyment of reading Tori Spelling's (whom I shamelessly love!) 3rd book tonight. A jar of bubble gum. The thought of Memorial Day's 3-day weekend coming up. And wonderful blogs like yours to follow! Yay!

  2. We wanted to go to the Pirates game on Saturday, but it was sold out! A sold out Pirates game? What is this world coming to?

  3. I'm just catching up on your blog! Thanks for including me in your list! I miss you dearly, my friend. Busy busy busy with the move, but I will try you this week. Love!