List # 64: Things I Wish I Had

It's self-explanatory tonight, lovelies Just a few things I wish I had gathered before it was too late and inspired by books I'm reading, conversations I'm not having and relationships that are here and not here.
  • A quiet vacation on a warm beach. With a good book and maybe, just maybe, good company.
  • All of the cards and notes the ex wrote me before he had to leave. There were many and the thoughts on them remind me of a time when love was there. And I left in too much of a hurry to remember that one day I might want to put them in a box.
  • Just one more night with my best cousin. With her healthy & vibrant & every bit as lovely as I will always remember. I want to laugh with her and then eat some junk food at her kitchen tables, laughing over board games.
  • A reason to wear my pretty little dresses in the evening and the weather to go with them.
  • One day to spend in bed. Silently with a good book, pen and paper.
  • A true Greek gyro.
So, tell me, what is something you wished you had today? Fleeting or serious. And hell, it can even make you want to cry.


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  2. Well...#1 for sure...the weather here is crazy too :(
    As for the gyros I get to enjoy it often (between us it's not a healthy food- we call it "dirty" food here-but indulging in pleasures is necessary sometimes :P )

  3. My bed to lay in all day, my new book autographed by one of my favorite author, my boyfriend to be at work so I can have said bed to myself and a bag of Combos. Random, but heavenly.

  4. I want #1 too. Preferably North Myrtle Beach, SC. Not Myrtle Beach - North Myrtle Beach - hometown of Vanna frickin' White. NMB is so much quieter than MB...or at least it was the last time I was down there, 6+ years ago. The ocean gets warm enough in the summer that it almost feels like a bath.

    I don't know if I've ever had #6. I've had some good gyros in the past, but I'm sure they probably weren't authentic.