Stories #1: Choose My Own Adventure

So I have been obsessing over Ernest Hemingway as of recent. It was The Paris Wife that got me started; a love story that is raw and true and shows that sometimes love just isn't enough.

I love this blog. It's a place where I can write relatively freely and it's been the best creative project I've started in years. But it has also been a push for me to get back to my writing roots. I used to be very concerned about what people thought about my written words. And I stopped writing. I would sometimes write in blank journals gifted to me by friends and family. But even that stopped too.

But now, I find myself wanting to write more and more. And I'm trying to take Hemingway's advice to write "one true thing" every day. If I start with that simple advice, then writing more doesn't seem too daunting. And so, this is my way of challenging myself.

I'm trying to pledge to post 2 true things every Monday, then have you dear readers, choose which story you'd like to hear. A bit of creative non-fiction, a truth turned into a story or some other piece. And then, on the following Monday, I'll post my final story. Maybe you'll hate it, maybe you'll love it. Maybe it doesn't matter. But sometimes I need pushed to do things that are the hardest.

So here are the first choices in the Choose My Own Adventure Monday. You can vote or leave a comment. And then wait for the story to be told in a week. I'm pretty excited & hope you stick with me.


  1. Definitely the swingers! Love your new blog layout and your Monday idea :)

  2. Who the hell likes to clean toilets?