List # 58: Drizzle, Drizzle

It's been nothing but rainy in Pittsburgh lately. Gloomy skies making no room for outdoor activities and really putting a crunch into my spring wardrobe.

I work the late shift today, so I thought I'd just put a little piece up this morning.

Rainy Goodness:
  • Wellies. Mine are black & white polkadot.
  • Cardigans: Still holding on strong, even if I can't wear some of my cute, new dresses yet.
  • May flowers: It's May now, so they're coming, right?
  • Bubble baths & books: Perfect closing on a rainy night.
Rainy Awfulness:
  • Headaches & cramps. So maybe they aren't actually related to rain, but they are hear today & already making the day worse than it ever needs to be.
  • Limited Clothing: Seriously, I have so many cute spring/summer outfits just waiting to come off the hanger. Let's get this going.
  • Nature misses me: Walking, bike riding, just eating my lunch outside.
Also on today's agenda: new glasses! yay!

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