LIst # 57: Monday Musings

It's growing late, today was exhausting but in the good way, and all I plan on doing for the remainder is watch The Daily Show and then curl into bed.

So tonight's list? Just three things that I can't stop thinking about today.

Because President Barack Obama is a badass. And when he talks to our nation like this I'm reminding of the 100 reasons why I love him. And why I walked throughout my city asking people for his vote.

Because of this: "Nothing is better than this, and this is everything we need." I know I have blogged about my girl-crush on Adele before (and who are we kidding, I'll probably do it again). If I could sing I would want to sing like her. I want to hang out with for a few months and wander the streets of London, cursing the men that left us and eyeing up the men we want to kiss.

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain ~ My book of choice this week. I started on Saturday night and equally don't want it to end/put it down. I know that it ends in a heartbreak. But this book makes me want to wear a thin dress and a bob haircut, live in almost-squalor in Post-WWI Paris and trek mountains with friends. And I find myself falling in love with Hem just as much as Hadley does only to get angry with myself. But secretly, I see much Hem in the men whom I have loved in life. The bigger-than-life personalities, the fierce love & moody temperament and the dedication of life towards a goal that is so encompassing it often means pushing love away.

So, lovelies? What has started off rumbling around in your head this week? Share in the comments, please!

P.S. The new *custom made* layout will be finished very shortly. I can't wait to see it and even more, I can't wait to share it with you.

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