List # 43

I'm a quirky girl. I like balance both in my life & in my design and I get into habits that are really hard to break. I like to think that my quirks are the endearing sort. Sure, they might elicit a few WTF looks & laughs, but they aren't glaring and I like to think that the people who love me also love the quirks.

My Big Ones?

I only eat using small forks. By small I mean forks that have short prongs & feel light in my hand. Weird, I know. But blame my apartment in Agrinio, Greece and it's mix-mashed collection of cutlery. I think I ate every meal using the same fork (with a white handle) for almost an entire year. I seriously contemplated packing it in my luggage upon my return. But instead, I just opted to hunt down a short fork anytime I eat. I'll make do if there aren't any other options; it's not like I throw temper tantrums. But work has short forks, my parents have short forks & I'm actually pretty sure I started liking the ex a little bit more when I was first invited over for dinner & discovered a whole mess of short forks in the drawer.

I like darkness when sleeping. We're talking the kind of dark that not even a sliver of light shows through. I'm adaptable from room to room, but once I make something my habit it's very hard for me to shake it off. Like if I'm sleeping in a room night after night that has a window right next to the street lamp, I'm going to get used to this. But I'm also going to wrap my bubbie around my eyes so that I'm ensconced in dark. I'm not quite sure where this one came from, considering when I was a little girl I slept with my door wide open and the hall light on until my mom turned it off before she went to bed. You may not believe me, but I can tell if a light is turned on with my eyes closed and a blanket over my head.

I don't like breakfast foods. Scratch that. I don't like sweet breakfast foods. And in fact, I just had my first pancake in what may have been 20 years last weekend. Call me Un-American but pouring syrup all over my food in the morning makes my stomach turn. And I'll easily blame this one on my Dad serving us buckwheat pancakes age 6 after asking for pancakes every weekend (not my parent's favorite either). To this day I'm not quite sure if his plan was to get us to shut up about pancakes for breakfast. I'll gladly take some sausage, a bit of bacon & toast. I'll go for a scrambled egg if it's cooked properly, an omelet if I'm living it up. But in reality? I'd rather just drink a cup of tea and then eat lunch at 11.

I'm putting a few of my quirks out there tonight because it's hard to think about someone loving them the way that another has done in the past. Now that I'm starting over again it frightens me a little to think that I have to start sharing these little personality traits all over again. With someone new, who is going to have quirks of his own. Maybe he will check the locks a few times before leaving the house, or maybe he'll have to arrange all of the bathroom toiletries with the labels facing out or perhaps he'll have a huge disdain for Mexican food. I just don't know.

But a few things I do know is that I hope he at least let's me keep a short fork in his silverware drawer, likes to bury himself under blankets of deep dark at night & won't mind, if we're going out for breakfast, to dine at a place that serves lunch all day too.

So lovelies, what are your quirks? And do you know anyone who might not mind mine? Would love to hear your habits.


  1. Don't worry - I'm a short fork-er too. The odd thing is that I have crazy long fingers and insist on using short forks. Love you, Shannon AND all of your quirks!

  2. I HATE "big mouth spoons" and always use small forks. I also don't drink out of glass glasses- I prefer plastic. Especially for milk. GAG! My Gram and Pap keep a few plastic cups in their house just for me. I just hate the way glass tastes.

    Sean hates sweet breakfast foods, too. If he does have them, he'll only eat them as part of breakfast for dinner.

  3. You worry too much, dear. You may be quirky, but you're not a walking, talking quirk. Aspies...*we're* quirky.

    And by short fork, do you mean salad fork?