List # 37

Today was a damn. good. day. The kind you wish you could have "repeat" to use when needed. Nothing flashy, nothing out of the ordinary. Just smiley good & productive.

Recipe for a good day in March:

Warm Sunshine. As much as I love coats, I'm happy to shed them when the time is right. I'm currently sporting the one I seriously purchased when Kaufmann's was closing its doors but I still get compliments on it nearly every day. It's always funny to tell people you purchased something at a Pgh Icon that isn't there anymore. Yet when I went out this afternoon? Coat stayed in the closed. Score.

Unexpected Lunch with Awesome Co-Workers. I'm very fortunate to work with some pretty talented, kind & hilarious people. And just being able to step outside of the workplace & talk and be 3 pretty kick-ass librarians is more than I ever expected.

Little Kids who say "You're Pretty." Because kids are usually telling the truth. And they love my story time. Plus when the caregivers compliment your story times & outfits, it doesn't hurt either.

Weeding VHS tapes for the final time. In the library world, we call getting rid of old/outdated items "weeding." My library has a small amount of VHS tapes still sitting on the shelf & today I made the motions to get rid of them all. Few people used VHS anymore, few films are only available in that format & in the end, it just makes the shelves look out-of-touch & uncared for. To the Used Book Sale they go...leaving me with a very fulfilling feeling side. And if anyone wants City Slickers on VHS or old Coustou documentaries, let me know. We can get you a good deal.

Green Wearing. No green beer was had. But I love this holiday anyway. It's just fun to wear green. And have lots of people comment about how Irish my name really sounds. My Grandfather would be proud.

Evening Walks. That don't start until 6:30 and the sun is still shining. I can't explain how happy I am that working until late every night is part of my past (even if I'm doing it solo). A walk does my body & mind wonders.

It has a happy day, lovelies. In fact, it's my bed time and I'm still feeling like I could go on & on. Here's to hoping there are more of these in the future. So what is your recipe for a good day in March? Share!

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