List # 31

I'm not really in angsty mood today, but for the past few days I've been thinking about how some songs just feel so good when we listen to them. Particularly, I've been noticing my own energy and emotions when I get to sing "F*ck You." And though my family would probably vote me as the member to having the worst potty mouth, I really don't think I swear all too often.

I admit, I've been known to yell the F-word at particular moments & I'm sure even said the phrase to some people in my life. Words are tools and sometimes a good curse just takes all the tension, all that hurt and put it out in the open. It may not solve anything, but I know it sometimes just makes me feel better. It's as if saying those words that were banned a child let's me own my emotions. I feel relief. Quickly followed by guilt. But guilt is something I feel pretty much every day thanks to 8 years of Catholic school. So what the hell, I can deal with a few ounces more.

So, here is my list of favorite songs that celebrate the grand-daddy of curse words.

1. Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons: The song that inspired this post because I'm listening to it all of the time & I can't help but think of what the other person thinks when he hears it. There is so much emotion here, I can feel it boiling over in his voice. And emotion boiling over is kind of my expertise, in all walks of life, in all of my 29 years.

2. F*ck You by Cee-Lo Green: The second time this song has made an appearance on a blog playlist because it's just that good. How can you not walk with a dash of pride in your step with this playing? It's the song that would be playing over the best break-up scene/get revenge scene Hollywood could write.

3. Untouchable Face by Ani Defranco: A song that I haven't listened to since Allegheny College & reminds of Schultz Hall, hallmates & lovers scorned. Such a good song for all those reasons, plus the many curses.

4. F*ck You by Lily Allen: Though not one to ever be on my regular playlist, it's a song that comes to mind for many when this theme is mentioned. And I am a sucker for songs that sound peppy but are really setting out to prove something different. (See Cee-Lo Green)

6. Foundations by Kate Nash: Though the F-word is not actually sung in this song, the sentiment is there. And you know what? Sometimes the basic S-word will work just as fine. I like to think this is the song I would write if I had the talent, the voice & the guts. I've thought that for years & actually, this song reminds more of a boring engineer than anyone else. But when it appears in my playlist, I never just listen only once.

So what do you think, dear readers? Am I missing any doozies?


  1. Eminem slings around the "F-Bomb" better than anyone. My particular favorite line is from "Remember Me" on the "Marshall Mathers LP."


    "So I promised the fuckin' critics
    I wouldn't say "fuckin'" for six minutes"

    ...and then he goes for the rest of that song, and the next, without the word "fuckin'." There's other permutations of "fuck," but not "fuckin'."

    And from the end of "White America" (first music track on "The Eminem Show")

    "Fuck you Ms. Cheney! Fuck you Tipper Gore!
    Fuck you with the free-est of speech
    This "Divided States of Embarassment" will allow me to have
    Fuck you!"

    And finally, the love ballad by Tenacious D, "Fuck Her Gently" (from their self-titled album)

  2. This is one of my favorites. I couldn't find this video on YouTube, so that's why the page is in Bulgarian...go figure :-)