Miscellaneous # 3

No real post tonight. I had a fun dinner with some old friends but I think the mix of heavy food & a boat load of caffeine (and probably all that mayonnaise from lunch) is making this girl feel a bit sick.

But I have been wondering about good break-up, or love-yourself songs. Anyone have suggestions?


  1. (sigh) man, breaking up is so so painful. I've been reading all your posts since it happened and my heart hurts for you, even though we barely know each other! But I feel it, we all feel it with you. And so many of us have been there. I was single until I was 35 and a number of broken hearts along the way. Sometimes made it awfully challenging to trust and believe. But the heart is shockingly resilient. I hope you're feeling some of its resilience with all the sweet people in your life. : )

    In terms of love yourself songs, there is NONE better than 'my wedding day' by Rosie Thomas. NONE better. Run, don't walk to go find and DL that song now. It RULEZ! I still listen to it and have to be reminded of these things. Another few good ones that are both sad and happy: Colin Hay's 'Beautiful World', Patty Griffin's 'Let Him Fly', 'Duet' by Rachel Yamagata, 'knowing what i know now' by shawn colvin, 'what's been going on' by amos lee, 'all this beauty' by the weepies, merry go 'round by antje duvekot, 'scratch' by grown, 'blue' by lucinda williams, 'nightswimming' by REM, and finally 'life is beautiful' by amy correia. it was great fun going through my collection to think about good break-up, love-yourself songs. i even discovered a few i had forgotten about!

  2. Kelley,

    Thank you so much for your kind words & song recommendations. We don't know each other all that well, that's true, but I look at you as a source of inspiration. You are such a kind, supportive & open soul. And when it comes to ACLA librarians, you're the tops. I think of all the librarians who are doing kick-ass things & have such great careers and how much I want to be on such a path...and I always think of you!

    I went and DL 'My Wedding Day' first things this morning & have listened to it quite a few times...and posted a video on my afternoon blog post :) And am making my way through your other suggestions. iTunes & Steve Jobs are loving me this afternoon. 'Let Him Fly' has always been one of those songs that makes me cry within the first few chords. I can't listen to the whole thing just yet.

    But I'm holding it together & having fun. Thank goodness for good friends & a new, fun, challenging job!

  3. Good Break-up album: "Pacific Ocean Blue" by Dennis Wilson. He, he was thought as the "untalented" Beach Boy who was just the *drummer* and inferior to Carl and Brian. However, his one 1977 solo album is both haunting, beautiful, lonely and uplifting. Check it out.

  4. Brad,

    Already ordered it from the library per your advice. It's here & waitineg for me to put it on the computer. Looking forward to it. Thanks!

  5. For this, I would like you to reference the playlists I posted back in January. I think you'll find one for every occasion/emotion: http://whatwouldchuckbassdo.blogspot.com/2010/01/damn-youse-sexy-chick.html