List #12

A few things that don't mix:

1. Mayonaise & more mayonaise: For reasons that are mainly: there is free food & I'm not cooking & there are plenty of leftovers, my lunch was a whole bunch of mayonaise. Don't get me wrong, the sandwhich was delicious & it is gracious to not have to cook/buy lunch but now it will be sitting in me all afternoon while I cut crafts & unpack books.

2. My Pandora stations & Jack Johnson: I know many people love the smooth sound of Jack Johnson, and I'm not cutting on your musical taste if you're one of said people. I have many guilty pleasure artists tucked away, that's for certain. But to me, every Jack Johnson sounds the same: smooth listening on a Hawaiin island. It's not my taste & for months I've been making it my own personal quest to rid him of every Pandora station I ever create. Once in a while, he slips through...like this morning. And Bam! I dislike that sucker.

3. Working & the song Home by Michael Buble: So my Director is on vacation & I was the only one working in the backroom this morning. When that happens, I always listen to music while I plug away at story time crafts, book ordering or whatever librarian-task I have my hands into. This morning Home came on the station I was playing (not, in fact, a Michael Buble station). It is a song that reminds me of driving back & forth to visit my Dad in the hospital last year. But this verse "And I feel just like I’m living someone else’s life, It’s like I just stepped outside, When everything was going right, And I know just why you could not, Come along with me, 'Cause this was not your dream, But you always believed in me" made me oh, so sad. It may be corny but the person who I thought was the best person I knew told me that I only saw my life, not his. And he always, always believed in me. I would not have this job if it wasn't for his constant cheering. But the fact that he thinks I didn't see his life is just not true. And I'm not really sure how I can convey that, and I don't know if it matters, but I'm certainly wishing that I could have done a better job at showing him that we had dreams together...not just mine & his. And that is why at aproximately 11 am I was fighting back sadness at my desk. *sigh*

4. Me and Rainy Days: I simply hate the damp, cold feeling that won't go away on a day like today. There is only one answer to this and that's me with a blanket & a book. Since none of that is happening, I'll focus on the fact that I got a free lunch, can stay warm inside my nice office & read books after work.

Thanks for the mid-day break, lovelies.

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  1. #3 brought tears to me eyes, really. You are someone who is SO great at expressing what you're thinking in a clear and concise way. AND you're so caring. I don't mean to insult but if he said that you don't see his life and he doesn't see that you had dreams together through your words and actions, it sounds like he is just making excuses.

    Buble comes on every one of my Pandora's and I really like him so I always just "move it." Pandora is NOT smarter than me. Like Excel. Lol.