List # 13

A Short Lists of Things & Thoughts for Today:

1. I was much better equipped for this snowstorm than the last. Not in terms of the contents of my refrigerator, but I was at least ready to spend a night alone. With books & a bubble bath & chicken soup for my upset stomach.

2. We have welcomed the first babies into our library family. As my lovely & hilarious friends, Librarian Laura & Lawyer Nate, welcome TWO baby boys into their lives. These friends make me smile and laugh so much that my cheeks hurt after spending time with them...I can only wait to see how these boys make us laugh with Star Wars and books galore.

3. The Mountain Goats, Mr. Smalls on April 12th. There is only one person with which I would like to share this concert. *sigh*

4. Running into one of my favorite library patrons was such a sweet surprise today. Sometimes good advice comes from the most unlikely places. But it also made me miss some of the other regulars.

5. I really want Michael Scott to land his Holly or else I may not believe in romance again. Ridiculous because they are fictional characters? Sure. But we all deserve to find that person.

Hope you're safe & warm, lovelies. Let's enjoy the peace of snow.

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