List #8

It's one of those Tuesdays that actually feels more like a Monday. On one side, that's terrible because who wants to experience two Mondays? On the other side, it's wonderful because it's like the week is playing a cute joke on me and bring me closer to the weekend. But at the same time, I'm kind of down on weekends right now because I like being busy all week. However, this weekend is busy & happening & we have Steeler playoff football. Rambling much?

Anyway, a few things from today:

1. So many people like to say that people come and go in our lives for a reason. That the people who surround us are there when we need them and so goes the ebb and flow all of life's relationships. I believe this more & more as I get older. Not for reasons regarding my break-up. No, I'm not yet ready to believe that such a person was only supposed to be in my life for a finite & short period of time. Love kind of does that to you. But so many people have sent their love & kindess my way to make my days brighter. Sometimes I am overwhelmed.

2. The mini-snowstorm that Pittsburgh is experiencing tonight has be down. Even though I am happy to be spending a quiet night by myself, I feel the type of alone that is sad. I know how much I want to be snuggled in tonight, but me and my bubbie will have to do.

3. Allegheny is everywhere and I'm sorry, I just can't stop with my pride. Today I was working the desk and a person I recognized came in, we discovered we were both Gators & now I'm looking forward to bringing her on to host a yoga program at the library. Go Gators!

4. I have booked a trip to NYC. With intelligent, fun-loving, adventurous women. This trip is my motivation in the dog-days of winter & I must begin shopping for some cute outfits now. And throw good thoughts out there for no snow during our chosen weekend. Bring on shows & friendship & Greek food & cute boys & whatever else comes our way.

5. I hate myself for admitting this. But I will be watching Teen Mom 2 tonight.

Hope you're safe & warm tonight.

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