Miscellaneous #1

I will never be able to write a fashion blog. I don't have the money, the size nor the patience to take pictures of what I wear every day and discuss how I put an outfit together. Even though I fancy myself a creative person, I just am not creative in that way. But I really admire those who are. And I think I will take pictures of my favorite shoes & purses, etc. Because even though it is not on the outside that counts, how you dress can really lift spirits...or bring you down into a slump.

I loved what I wore today. A purple sweater, my zebra skirt & purple tights with boots. I can't wait to wear tights with boots in NYC. These things are just fact.

But I also treated myself to very cute but practical snow boots. I want to wear these Bogs around all day & night. At least one good thing comes out of snowy weather.
Feeling fine.

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