Letter # 3

Dear Starbucks,

I've been frequenting you more often than I anticipated in 2011. I'm a tea drinker, not a coffee-lover but you're right across the street from my library. I can't help it, a warm cup of tea does the soul good. And I have a soft-spot in my heart & in my stomach for a warm cup of tea made by someone else. Your Chai isn't as good as his and you're far too overpriced, but you draw me in with your relaxed atmosphere & neighborly chat. Since I can't have him make me tea, I'll choose you until I the winter snow thaws.

And I really have to give you applause for having the most heart-warming drink on your menu: the earl grey latte. It provides the warmth & comfort a cup of tea should in the morning. And I'm glad that even though it's been on the menu for quite some time, I'm just discovering it now.

Over the past few morning visits, Starbucks, I've heard the same few songs playing. I expect this from you, really. A few CDs on a continuous loop. And I'm sure you have morning, afternoon & evening mixes. At first I wanted to yell at you, Starbucks, for playing some pretty sad & depressing tunes & folks in the morning. Shouldn't the morning mix be chalk full of bright & cheeriness? Like, I don't know...Taylor Swift? But instead, you're choosing some moody songs that evoke stark winters & bitter chills.

But you know what, Starbucks? When I actually sat and listened for a few minutes, I remembered that your morning music choices actually remind me of men who have been happy things in my life. They are songs & artists that bring up pictures of men who are good friends, supportive & encouraging. Or, in the very least, they remind me that we all have our sad & lonely phases but we also have people who stand by us.

So I really wanted to say thank-you, Starbucks. For doing what you do, oh so well. And for your warm cups of tea that make me feel so good as I anticipate the first sip. And for baristas who can always make the tea for me.

Love Always,


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