List # 11

Notes on Things I Thought about Today:

1. The best boosts can come from the things we do every day to be productive. I am often my harshest critic & often feel like I'm not measuring up. But you know what? I rocked out a difficult story time, handled two interviews today (being on the other side of the table) and even had business cards delivered. When I think of all that, I must be doing something right.

2. It has always been hard for me to let go of friendships. I have tried very hard to maintain connections that may long ago have frayed. Learning that friendships come & go and that people are in our lives when they are meant to be has always been a hard lesson for sentimental-me to learn. But recently I've been fortunate enough to have old connections rekindle & see new friendships bloom. I am so thankful for these connections. Every text, lunch, tweet, blog post, email, comment, etc. remind me how many people love & care. It makes me smile.

3. I can't stop thinking about those nights that I would practically cry myself to sleep over worry about patrons. And how he told me my heart was big. He would laugh when I couldn't stop crying, kiss me and tell me that's what he loved about me. And he would listen, as we settled into bed, about my worries & my concern. I could really use that tonight and it's hard to do it alone.

Only 3 tonight, but they are big ones.

Much love.

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  1. Be thankful that you had #3...my relationship ended because my bf NEVER did that for me. At least you know it's possible to find that!