List # 10

It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A time for assistance, a day set aside to reflection where we have come & where we want to go. I spent the day working at my public institution. I was busy preparing crafts for tomorrow's story time & placed three large orders of material. And I really hope that Dr. King is proud of today's libraries & the work we do.

But today is also two weeks. And here is what I know to be true:

1. It's good to book trips & think about getaways with friends. Liberating & adventurous; it makes me feel as if the future is just mine. There are new stories to be found.

2. When someone has decided to step out of your life, you find them in the oddest nooks & crannies of your day. I wish I could explain this, but it would just be a list of things that remind me of the best person I thought I knew.

3. A warm blanket & a cup of tea do wonders. And I have to admit I'm not anxious to see winter leave because the heat will chase these two things away.

4. I miss the night and how it used to be.

5. I love reading. I love comfy socks. I love friends who take time in their day for me.

6. I think everyone should be reading my lovely friend, Leanne's, blog over here. Her humor, support, friendship & eagerness to try new things all make her blog worth reading.

And I'll keep it at that tonight, lovelies.


  1. I love your blog...so, so much

  2. Thanks ladies! New things, new year: guess that means blogs for many of us. So very glad!