List # 9

Things I Want to Say:

1. Remember that first Valentine's Day? I've never been big on the holiday & it was never anything over-the-top-for-us, but you went from store to store trying to find Sweet Tart Hearts (not in individually wrapped packages) for me. They didn't exist anymore & you bought me a huge bag of little bags. Eating Sweet Tart Hearts makes me sad this year.

2. I knew Christian Bale would win the Golden Globe. And my money is still on him winning the Oscar.

3. I'd really like someone to whisk me & some friends away to wear fancy Hollywood dresses & drink champagne.

4. This weekend has been so hard to forget you.

5. I am on a mission for a high-waisted pencil skirt. Operation: Sexy Librarian?

6. I keep expecting sleeping nights to get better. And sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. But either way, it's always a fight with my head.

7. When you try so hard to forget someone, you find them in the smallest crevices. And in those little stories that make the day worth living. And you ache so badly to hear their stories.

One day, there will be more stories from someone.

And one day I will wear a fancy Hollywood dress & win an award. That happens at ALA, right?

1 comment:

  1. You should DEFINITELY get a pencil skirt, you'd make an AWESOME sexy librarian.