Letter #1

Dear 2011,

I understand that you are new to this, 2011. I get that you're only five days old and still getting your feet wet and figuring out this whole thing. But so far, you've delivered quite a blow and I kinda wish you wouuld quit while your ahead.

I also get that what you dished out to me is not as terrible as it could be. I am wise in my 29 years and know that the new year can do a lot of horrible things to many, many people. In fact, 2010 didn't open so smoothly for my family either and in the end, he gave me a new job. So I'm crossing my fingers, 2011, that after this bumpy patch in the road you'll bring some good things my way.

Because I have to be honest, new year, I wasn't expecting to be 29 and single and mending a broken heart this year. I can recall many conversations about you that included happy things like travels, new apartments, graduations and new beginnings. I guess you just didn't hear the other part of the conversation that talked about how I was suppose to be doing it with someone else. So sure, all of those new things will come...you just envisioned me doing them a little differently than I had.

I take your challenge, 2011. I'm a strong woman who knows what she can do and I know that I can handle what comes my way. Sure, I would like a fast-forward button that takes me to the good parts, but I guess that wouldn't be fair to you. You're suppose to get 365 days (thank goodness you're not a leap year. February is dark & hard enough without an extra day) and we should be thankful and embrace what those 365 days will bring.

But just in case you need some help, here are a few things I'd like during the next 12 months:
1. A place of my own to hang my hat.
2. Many, many good nights with friends.
3. Health & happiness for all.
4. To loose enough pounds that I feel better about my body (and look smokin' too).
5. A few good trips: NYC, Portland, the Beach, Europe...you can pick a few locations.
6. A book deal. I know it's a long shot, but why not aim for the stars when life gets ya down?
7. The Democrats to kick ass and get stuff done.
8. A big, new bed all for me.
9. Surrounding my day with love. All sorts of love.
10. A Pittsburgh winning-Super Bowl and/or Stanley Cup Champ

I'm sure you have your own ideas too, 2011, you've already proven that. But why not go a little easy on me and make sure a whole bunch of goodness floats my way too. I'll be here waiting and enjoying your new things as they come along.

All my love,


P.S. I just barely made it to my 10 pm goal tonight. But I did. I fought back crocodile tears on the phone earlier in the day and had some great talks with friends. I enjoyed our book discussion (please go pick up The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks) and I felt like myself. Please, let's do it again tomorrow.


  1. First of all, you are totally adorable. After the shock of learning about your relationship ending, I was so worried about you I couldn't sleep Monday night. But I quickly realized that I wasn't giving you nearly enough credit. Your blog has confirmed that. There is no doubt you will come out of this on top of the world. Because that's the kind of gal you are! Never forget that we are here for you, and that even among the tears, there is always laughter. Always. And about #4, you look smokin already. Though,I would like to be apart of that goal as well if possible. I could use some help getting motivated if you don't mind. ;)

  2. This is an amazing post. I love everything about it. Well, except the fact that you're having a bad start to the year, which is a big (major) boo. But I LOVE that you are acknowledging that you are a strong woman and setting new, big goals and are ready to kick 2011's a$$. :-)

  3. Thanks ladies. I'm really enjoying writing again. I know I sound corny, but it's empowering. I should have stuck with this a year ago, when we all tried blogging again, Leanne.

  4. Hey Shannon,
    It's Jill...Laura's friend! Your blog is totally amazing. You are so strong to have endured so much this year! I live in Oregon now, so if one of your trips leads you to Portland, Oregon--let me know. I live pretty close by and would love to see you.

    PS Bring Laura with you. Thanks!