List #4

I have made a pact with myself to never include a list here that's over 10 items long. 10 is a nice, round number that's quick & easy to spout off. Anything longer than that is lingering. And it's too much. I could never stand blogs that ramble on and on. They can (and will) certainly be shorter than 10 things though.

Today? A list of little things:

1. At preschool story time, two girls couldn't help but rub my burgundy tights over & over again. My mom (a preschool teacher) refuses to wear skirts & pantyhose to work for this exact reason. It made me laugh so much. I mean, if I was a little girl I'd be drawn to burgundy tights on the woman reading me stories too.
2. Dinner with a lovely librarian friend in Oakland who is always quick to swoop down and is badass enough to yell things. She's a fierce woman who isn't afraid to mix & match patterns. I remember meeting her at orientation two years ago and instantly knowing we'd be pals. She's the type of lady you always want in your corner.
3. I made local headlines again. You can read about it here. But if you get the Signal Item or the Bridgeville Area News or any of those types of papers, you'll get to see my picture too.
4. The bus driver who reprimanded a young girl about paying. I don't know what he said, but she was annoyed. And then he was nice to a guy sleeping, didn't want him to miss his stop. I love friendliness & compassion.
5. Snooki's book was being cataloged at the library today. I read the first two pages, I really am speechless.

I love to share. I love to talk. Not the same, but it will do.

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