List #259: Where I Was While I Was Away

I know. It's been a long while since I last blogged. In the last year and a half so many things in my life have morphed and changed that often I don't quite know what to share and how to share it. It's why you haven't heard too much about my life, the Boyfriend, and the (now) Toddler. It's all a balancing game of how much is too much and what's appropriate and what I'm comfortable with. And sometimes, I really just don't know how I feel on any given day.

But I'm ready to get my blogging game back on track. I've been journaling a little since I've been gone and I've learned one thing about myself:  I am my better self when I'm writing my thoughts. And I think sometimes I'm even better when I'm sharing them.

So to start off, I'll catch you up on where I've been while I was away:

  • Oakland
  • Downtown
  • My library
  • Other libraries
  • Sitting on the right side of a bus
  • Sitting on the left side of a bus
  • Walking through Schenley Park
  • Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh
  • Phipps Conservatory
  • Charleston, WV
  • On the side of the highway in WV for 3 hours
  • Sunset Beach, NC
  • Eating Thanksgiving dinner on a beach
  • Reading on a porch
  • Watching television on the couch
  • Sitting on the floor playing with a Toddler
  • My family's house
  • His family's house
  • Extended families' houses
  • Putting up and taking down Christmas lights
  • Under lots of blankets
  • Sitting in a movie theater
  • Restaurants. Restaurants. Restaurants. 
  • Laughing with friends at parties
  • Target.
  • Lowe's
  • Giant Eagle
  • In bed dreaming 
  • In bed having nightmares
  • Sitting in my new desk chair
  • The Benedum Center 
  • The Strip District
  • The North Shore
  • Casinos
  • A wedding
  • A bridal shower
  • Not Pawnee, Indiana
So dear readers, where have you been lately? 

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