List #245: Things That Happen When You Have an Ear Infection

Last weekend I developed a sore throat. And after a trip to the doctor I developed a cough. And then I woke up yesterday morning with an earache. Like a little kid.

But since earaches aren't contagious, and everything else I have is just allergies, I did not contract an earache from a little toddler. But I did get tinnitus (and funny enough, it happens to be tinnitus awareness week). And the tinnitus is making me dizzy. And being dizzy is making me nauseated. 

So yeah, it's been that kind of week around here. 

Here's what happens when you're 32 and get, according to the Physician's Assistant, "one really bad ear infection" in the middle of May:
  • You run into the library before it opens to send yourself files and grab a laptop so you can work from the couch.
  • A morning nap happens and it feels like 3 hours, but it's only 30 minutes.
  • A trip to the medical clinic is in order. 
  • So much dizziness occurs that more naps happen.
  • And then, the nausea begins.
  • Stress about summer reading and the amount of work to be done starts to build.
  • The ringing in the ears gets worse and worse.
  • The boyfriend gets me medicine and fountain Coke and cheese curls. 
  • Lots of Parenthood is watched. 
  • Windows are open for fresh air.
  • It's learned that earaches are not contagious.
Here's hoping that tomorrow goes swiftly and the antibiotic kicks in. Because I have a three day weekend with two boys to enjoy. 

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