List #243: Things That Happened in April

It's been a busy month. And in a few days, I'll be able to pack up a blue carry-on piece of luggage and head on a plane for a few days away. I don't like to say that I deserve a vacation because we all work hard and we all have stress. But really, in April 2014 left little time for relaxation.

Here's what happened in April:
  • Battle of the Books, with 93 children and all of their families
  • Easter Storytime, with 115 children and all of their families
  • Author visit, with 100 people in attendance.
  • Easter with my family and the boyfriend's family
  • A trip to Phipps with my college roommate
  • Out-of-town grandmothers paying a visit
  • A dinner in Market Square where the bomb squad showed up
  • 3 mile walks around Schenley Park
  • Storytimes
  • Said goodbye to my grandfather
  • Planned a first birthday party
  • Made these hats
  • Planned all of the library summer programs
  • Went to my first Pirates game of the season
  • Hosted a first birthday party
  • Went to bed before 10 pm more nights than I care to admit
  • Took Nyquil
  • Ate too many lunches at my desk
  • Joined a new committee
  • Did not clean the house
  • Got a bill from my shady old landlords
  • Washed so many loads of laundry
  • Read a little
  • Cried a few times
  • Let me emotions run wild
  • Missed some friends
  • Celebrated birthdays other than the first
  • Celebrated great news with an old friend
  • Starting weaning a baby from a bottle
  • Dyed Easter Eggs
  • Wished I had a new phone
  • Felt exhausted. 
And so when the plane wheels lift up later this week, I'll push my chair back just a bit, and relish in the fact that this mini-vacation is at least, somewhat, deserved. Now, let's get through the last four days of April. And bring on May.

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