List #229: Things That Happened in 2013

I wanted to make a photo collage for this post, but I ran out of time today. And I still don't have my own working computer. So hopefully I'll wrap one up before the weekend. But even without the photos, 2013 was a pretty adventurous year.

In 2013, I:
  • Spent many nights soaked in a bubble bath.
  • Worried that I was making all of the wrong choices.
  • Was let down.
  • Visited New York City/North Carolina/West Virginia/Nashville/Washington, DC/New York City,
  • Ate soup.
  • Practiced yoga.
  • Cuddled with my cat.
  • Planned my college reunion.
  • Attended my college reunion.
  • Watched a lot of Parks and Recreation.
  • Became a Tom Hiddleston fan.
  • Sent a lot of emails.
  • Read 52 books.
  • Walked for Melanoma.
  • Mentored new librarians.
  • Misspelled a lot of words.
  • Met a man.
  • Swooned.
  • Fell in love.
  • Loved a baby.
  • Moved homes.
  • Yelled at my cat.
  • Watched musicals.
  • Rented clothes.
  • Struggled with emotions.
  • Had a hard time falling sleep.
  • Had a hard time waking up.
  • Kissed a lot on the couch.
  • Missed faraway friends.
  • Spent too much time on the Internet.
  • Said goodbye to my grandfather.
  • Missed those that aren't with us anymore.
  • Cheered on the Pirates.
  • Shouted for the Pens.
  • Hoped better for the Steelers.
  • Cared little about college sports.
  • Met families. 
  • Made a bunch of party hats.
  • Felt grateful for friends that feel like family.
  • Took a few selfies.
  • Ate in new restaurants.
  • Felt inadequate. 
  • Felt on top of the world.
  • Danced the hokey pokey.
  • Worried.
  • Patroned a honky tonk.
  • Wandered around the National Mall. 
  • Let the Atlantic Ocean lap at my ankles.
  • Walked in Central Park.
  • Saw Mary Kate Olsen on the street.
  • Woke up from nightmares.
  • Snored.
  • Decorated a real-live Christmas tree.
  • Drank gallons of tea.
  • Felt lucky. So so lucky. 
2013 was a good, good year. So good that truthfully, sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming. And I hope that 2014 brings lovely things our way: continued good health, love, adventure, and peace. To you, to me, to our family and friends, and everyone in between. 

Happy New Year, Dear Readers. Feel free to share your memories in the comments. 

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