List #226: Rain and Thoughts on Wednesdays

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain hitting my apartment's windows. There was a heavy chill in the air and because I worked the late shift at the library, I got to burry down deep inside my blankets, let the cat cuddle up beside me, and drift off to a morning lie-in. It was nothing short of glorious.

I've probably admitted numerous times before that I much prefer this type of day (cool, grey, slightly rainy) than to a scorcher of heat and humidity. Quite honestly, it felt like perfection. And the only thing missing were the people, big and tiny, that I miss in the morning.

It was a good morning for a soak in the tub, some fall reading, and thinking.

I thought of lots of things this morning:
  • New friends
  • Hard work
  • Saying sorry
  • How to be a better friend
  • Old lovers
  • Scarves and sweaters
  • Ways to keep my cat happy
  • London in autumn
  • Leftover vacation days
  • Moving on up and over
  • Sign language
  • Sororities
  • Deep lines
  • Cooing
Here's to autumn days, falling leaves, and memories that make us happy for the present and eager for the future.

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