List #203: Recent Dreams

Lately I've been having the type of dreams that wake you up, but continue even after you'll fallen back asleep. I rarely sleep through the nights to begin with, and my dreams are always vivid, so this hasn't been the most conducive week for rest. I'm hoping a hot bath and some light reading before I settle down beneath covers will help (even just a little bit) tonight. Because even though some of the dreams have been pleasant, every night feels like a roller coaster.

  • Work. In all capacities:  programs, mean patrons, missed deadlines, emergencies, lost books. Whatever could happen usually does happen.
  • Men who send me emails. So real that I got up in the morning and double-checked my inbox because I was pretty certain it had happened.
  • Wild goose chases.
  • Bad things happening to people I love. And fighting off the bad men.
  • Living in Brooklyn.
  • Vacation.
  • Very attractive men with beards and mustaches. And some kissing against door frames.
  • Running out of time.
Probably a lot more too. But these are the repeats. Or the ones that really altered my reality. I know nobody likes listening to another person's dreams, but sometimes not being able to tell anyone just makes them all the more emotional.

So let's let it off our chests. What have you been dreaming lately?

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