Letter #53: On the First Day of Spring on Which it is Snowing

To Someone I Am Not Actually Sure is There,

On this first day of Spring, it snowed. Tiny flakes that flittered in the sky and barely rested on the ground for a second before they disappeared, but it snowed nonetheless. And because the sky was mostly gray, and because it was almost too cold to crawl out of bed in the morning, and because I had to dress in drab layers, it was easy to feel lonely. 

The last few days of winter have been filled plans, friends, and family that really do make me smile and laugh. But then, when the quiet settles and I find myself alone the couch and too tired to read, the blanket covers my lap and I find myself watching Parks and Recreation in an almost-continuous loop. I keep the heat down low. I make tea. I crack windows to let the fresh air in because it should be time by now. 

And I quietly hope that maybe someone really is out there. Maybe he's cursing the extended winter under his breath too. He's refusing to wear his heavy winter parka out of principle and his gloves have long since been lost. Maybe he's out there thinking about a girl who is likes to stay up into late night hours reading books in bed. But understands when she says she doesn't want that to be for her whole entire life. Maybe he's the type of guy who will get up in the morning and dance to Justin Timberlake when he gets out of the shower. And then catch himself and laugh looking at the mirror. 

Either way, I know he's going to feel let down that it snowed on the first day of Spring. But he didn't complain about it all day. I just don't know if he's actually out there.

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