List #164: Confessions (Part II)

  • Until recently I had no idea that Maroon 5 had so many members.
  • Harrison Ford is nearly what, 80? And I still think he is extremely sexy.
  • I won't be bringing anything to my family Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Disclaimer: My parents insist that I don't bring anything. 
  • I really want to watch Homeland. But I don't have Showtime.
  • I'm building hatred for people who won't remove their election yard signs.
  • Ever since Hurricane Sandy, I've been finding Chris Christie much more appealing.
  • Sometimes I watch Sister Wives
  • I think my cat is at his cutest when he is snuggled up and sleeping.
  • I've fallen asleep during  a Sunday night (or Monday night) Steelers game.
  • My bedroom is either completely clean or completely a disaster.
  • I really struggle with putting laundry away.
  • But in my defense, I don't even have a dresser.
  • My favorite thing about Thanksgiving dinner are the side dishes. Vegetables!

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