List #163: Music that Makes Me Happy (The Forever Edition)

You know how sometimes your iPod really gets that you need the solid tracks that always makes you smile? Or how Pandora sometimes plays for an hour and never makes you press the thumbs down button? It was kind of one of those weeks around these parts.

What make music makes me smile all of the time?

Juvenile ~ Back Dat Ass Up
I'm on the ten-year reunion committee for my college class. We're planning a lot of fun activities. And if you started college in 1999, there is no way this song wasn't played a few thousand times.

Wilco ~ Heavy Metal Drummer
I talk a lot about how important it is for someone to understand that I *might* dance to Wilco in the kitchen on occasion. Actually, the room doesn't matter. I will dance to this song.

Sara Bareilles ~ King of Everything
Poppy tunes that remind me of how awesome I am. And how not-awesome I once felt, but how I no longer feel that way. Will always make me smile. 

James ~ Laid
It reminds me of being young and free in a country where I couldn't speak the language. Saturday night beers and walking home with pizza in a box. I was so young. 

Actually, there are tons more. But these are funny ones that really, should kick off a jamming weekend. 

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