List #154: White Weddings

Sure Fire Ways to Cry at Weddings:

  • Seeing your friend walk down the aisle.
  • The father-daughter dance.
  • Having someone tell you about a sick parent.
  • Realizing that one of your closest friends is moving out of state.
  • Saying goodbye to your old roommate who lives clear across the country and just had a baby.
  • Knowing you didn't get to meet your friend's new baby.
  • The feat that lies inside of you and whispers "This will never be you."
  • Reading blog comments in the bathroom.
  • Remembering the fine advice of a loved one.
  • Biting your lip so hard so that you don't actually cry at any of these things.

 I'm not saying anything of this did happen. But you know me pretty well by now.

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