List #151: Don't Speak

I tried to write a nice little intro to this post. But nothing really seemed genuine or fit what I was exactly trying to communicate.

So the truth? I've been spending a little too much time replaying conversations. Thinking about stuff I want to hear, but have a slim chance of actually hearing. And wanting to wipe away overheard conversations, direct conversations, and wishful conversations.

So, tonight's list is just small things I wish you wouldn't say:

  • Terrible things about my chosen political candidate. That are racist, lies, or any assorted combination.
  • Anything about money. My pockets are lined thin.
  • That every man needs a good woman. While you're in my bed, but I'm not in your heart.
  • People who take vacations are selfish. Because I just returned.
  • You think my eyes are sexy. Never mind, you can say that. But feel free to say more.
  • There is no room in the budget. Every librarian's fear.
  • Something I can't even say here without offending.
  • Community is not returning when we said it would. Taste is lacking.
  • Game of Thrones spoilers. I'm still in book one. It's going to take a long time to finish all 5.
  • Sad news. Disappointing news. Lonely news.
Anyway, starting tomorrow I'm going to banish the few up here that are really floating towards the top. It's October, I'm busy, and I have more important things to worry about other than open mouths.

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