List #160: Little Things that I've been Doing

I purposefully don't talk a lot about my job on this blog. For professional reasons of course. But also, because most of what I do wouldn't be all that interesting to most of my readers. There are only so many stories I can tell you about storytime or reference questions that get asked. They are great stories, but better when they are not written down on the internet.

But the life of a librarian during the summer? Well, it spins wildly for weeks. An increase in usage, more children at storytime, new users, more reference questions, additional programming, etc.

And in the midst of it all, librarians like me are also trying to plan for the future and keep the collection afloat and train a long list of student volunteers who are in search of community service hours.

It's a fun time. But an art of balance. And days that quickly become exhausting.

I wonder if accountant's get asked how work is going, or if people at parties want to hear tales of their days at the office. Because I sure it it a lot. And right now, my answer has been busy. And then I have to go into the back and forth of explaining that yes, a library is busy most of the time. Yes, Summer is even busier. No, I don't get to read at work. And yes indeed we have a lot of people who come into use the computers. And then I get to explain what Summer Reading at a library really means.

So if you are interested, here is a little list of the things I've been doing:

  • At least two storytimes a week. Down from my regular 4. But every other week I have 3.
  • Reading lots of book reviews written by adults.
  • Calling children to notify them of prizes
  • Planning programs for fall.
  • Answering emails about minutes read.
  • Fielding phone calls about programs that are happening now
  • Tie-Dying shirts with permanent markers and rubbing alcohol.
  • Putting lots of marshmallows into sandwich bags.
  • Lots more craft-related activities.
  • Researching children's books in other languages.
  • Coming home at the end of the day, and walking, and then...
  • Battling headaches.
  • Experiencing moments of clarity, right before, sleep that tell me I'm never going to have children.
  • Strange dreaming about pet kangaroos. And nightmares.
  • Developing a small case of insomnia.
  • Thinking about fantasy football.
  • Cleaning my kitchen.
  • Buying a few new outfits.
  • Forgetting to wear earrings.
  • Hoping this stomachache goes away.
We'll see what the week brings, dear readers. I'm hoping for a good one for all of you!

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