List #156: Librarian on Vacation

There is nothing quite like setting your work email to have an away message when you're gone. Especially when you're out for a splendid vacation.

It'll be a little bit of bliss once this weekend begins. A quality outing tonight, a wedding tomorrow, and then a week of this Brassy Beachside Librarian.

I look forward to sharing my adventures when I return. But for now, just think about how I will be:
  • Reading a book, under an umbrella.
  • Wearing adorable sun hats.
  • Feeling cute in my polka dot suit.
  • Having fun with friends in the ocean.
  • Listening to the waves.
  • Spreading happiness to seagulls with french fries.
Have a splendid week, readers. Happy Independence Day too! I look forward to seeing you upon my return.

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