Letter #38: Things I Want You to Know, Part 9

Dear New Apartment,
You're still a little sparse and I'm living without a dresser. But you know that despite my girly personality, I'm actually quite simple. I once had to wash my clothes in the bathtub for an entire year, so I can handle storing my underthings in a laundry basket for a little bit of time. I love you, new apartment, for the promise that you hold and the quiet nights you bring.

Dear Chicago,
You're a city that I've never really visited as an adult. But this week? I find myself wanting to move to you. And move to you quickly. Does it have to do with reading about the world's fair and these commercials:

Dear Every Ex-Boyfriend Ever,
The sex is so, so, so, so much better.

Dear Bobbi Brown Cosmetics,
I really need new lipgloss and soon enough, lipstick. Yours is my favorite. You'd be a dear if you sent some to the aforementioned new apartment, thanks.

Dear Guy I Made Out with at a DMB Concert in 1999,
I had yet to graduate high school. And you were definitely in college. I was young and foolish and telling you I was in a sorority was a stupid idea. I know I looked older for my age, but come on.Sorry about that. And I accept your apology too.

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