Positive Project # 9: Weekend Getaways

I would love to be able to take trips across the globe. I haven't been outside of the US since I returned from my year of living abroad too many years ago that I care to admit. But sadly, I don't have the vacation time, the budget, nor the sugar daddy who can make those things happen.

But I do get away for weekend getaways. They don't cost a lot and are often spent with family and friends that can always make you laugh. I was lucky enough to join some of my own favorites this weekend to some NY wineries and celebrate some upcoming nuptials.

Considering I will probably not take a vacation until well into the summer months since this is the time of year that librarian's start to hold their breath professionally...I'm even more thankful that I got the chance to put a pause on the busy and enjoy some quality time.

A Librarian by a Lake

Because I can get behind limo rides, funny stories, a few good cries, and memory making.

So dear readers, what did you do this weekend? Going on a getaway anytime soon?

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