Positive Project #8: Second Chances

I am a lover not a fighter. I believe that people are generally good. I think that most people just want to be loved and accepted and anger is often misplaced. And because of this, I believe in second chances.

I just don't think they come around all that often. I think the opportunities to correct the big things in the past are few and far between. I think we make choices that start us on new paths. And I think sometimes the universe and its elements collide and force us to make decisions that are just past our control.

I think we can forgive. I think very few of us forget.

But with all of this, I do think that second chances are out there. And that when a one comes along we should grab it. We should help it. We should support it. And hope that it ends better than the first time around. I think if our gut feels that the second path seems like a good idea, we should follow it.

Because even though I think it's extremely tough to get a true re-do, luck and patience exist out there too.

So in the course of my Positive Project, I'm choosing to see the little and big second chances that surround our world. And hope that as long as I'm living the universe continues to try give support and the opportunities to correct mistakes.

So today, let's be positive and see:

  • The person who got a new job because they used the library's computers to build a resume.
  • The kid who gets a re-test because a teacher had sympathy.
  • The person who is honest and is telling you they no longer want to fuck up.
  • The old friends who re-enter our lives.
  • The person who is attending AA meetings.
  • The person who does more than just say "I'm sorry."
So dear readers, do you believe in second chances? What examples do you see in your own life and the lives of those surrounding you? I'd love to hear them.

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