Postive Project #1: Friendship

If your'e a regular reader of this blog you may have deduced that something happened in my life last week. It was a tough thing, a scary thing, and a thing that forced me to slow down and take a break from the world for some time. It was not a thing I enjoyed.

When something like this happens along the road of life, a lot of things happen because of it. And one of things I let consume me? Negative thought.

I've been trying to fight off the blues for a few weeks now. They seem to have been wanting to settle in since sometime mid-February. And I have been trying, with all of my might on some days, to ward them off at the entrance.

But very recently? Specifically Tuesday/Wednesday of this past week? Forget it. If you happened to talk to me during those days, or read my tweets, or sent me text messages. You would have heard things such as "All of my friends are getting married and having babies and I'm just getting {insert issue here}."

And I'm just not going to take it anymore. I'm on a mission to hyper-inject a serious dose of positivity in my life. So with that, I'm starting my 30-day Positive Project. I'm pledging that for the next 30 days, I will blog about something positive in my life that gives me joy and makes me smile. I'm (as my dearest friend's father stated: Giving up negativity for Lent) and forcing myself to concentrate on what I do have, what I do love, and what I am blessed with other than what is missing or hurting.

Positive Project #1?


I never have to look very far to be reminded of how much love I have in my life because of my friends. It's an eclectic group of people I've met along the way: just a few from high school, some from travels, those who know my dark secrets from college, the ones who are from grad school, those I met as a professional, and believe it or not, some I met online. But they know me. They support me. They love me. 

They were there within minutes and hours of needing some cheer, they are setting time aside to help me move, they call from across the country, send silly text messages during the work day, write elaborate emails about TV boyfriends and The Hunger Games, and tweet about bad hair days and tacos. They cry with me, they laugh with me, and force me to laugh at myself even in the darkest of times. 

I may not have that lifelong friend that I met in Kindergarten. But as adult? Friendships rock a lot.

I love you, friends. And I hope I'm half friend as you are to me. If your'e here in my life, I don't want to lose you. And I am pledging to be the best friend I can be.

So dear readers, can you help out and participate in my 30-day Positive Project? Leave a comment and tell me one thing positive in your life today. Or write 30 blog posts too. I truly believe the more positive thoughts and the more positive actions we put out int he world? The more positive energy and actions we'll see and feel. 

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