Positive Project #4: Warm Drinks

I am not a morning person. But I'm getting better at it. Because I'm growing old and by the time you reach 70 you have to be up and accomplished before the sun rises. It's a law.

I imagine that when I do hit the big 7-0, I'll love getting up before dawn. I'll read have my laundry done before The Today Show even begins. And then I'll read some Large Print books and have lunch at 10 am.

But until then, I need a little love in the morning. I need a good hour and half to get myself ready. Not because I'm high-maintenance. But because I'm just slow-moving. Because I'll be better equipped to talk to you if I can take my time. I need breakfast about 3 hours after I wake up, if it's earlier I'll get sick to my stomach.

And my heart wants a warm drink in the morning. Even if I feel stressed before my day officially begins, even if I want to cry, even if I am having the best day ever. A hot drink just makes it better.

Chai Tea
My ultimate comfort drink. It's the way to my heart, so take not future suitors. It will make me smile. I could drink it forever.

Earl Grey Tea
My standard. This is what I'll look for in a box of assorted teas. It's what I'll request first at restaurants. I have some with lavender in it. Perfect for cold mornings.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte
My sometimes-treat at Starbucks. I am not a coffee drink, if you couldn't have already guessed. But this latte is more cinnamon and milk than anything else. To be had only when nothing else will brighten a morning. Have yet to try it iced.

So what about you, readers? What do you drink in the morning? Does a certain drink perk your mood? 

Oh! and you still have time to vote for in the most recent round of the TV Boyfriend Bracket. Don't let the Nice Guys finish last!

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