Positive Project #4: Beards

I keep sitting down to write a serious post about something in my life for which I am grateful, but this week is a ball of busy. The type of busy that meant I didn't even take off my shoes until well after 8pm. This almost never happens.

So today I'm going to sing praise for beards. Do you need to have a beard to date me? Absolutely not. In fact, only one of my past loves had facial hair on a regular basis. So the odds are really in the clean-shaven's favor.  I'll consider it a treat when you're by my side with a day's worth of stubble.

But if I happen to pass you on the street and you do have a beard? You get an automatic +2 points in the attractive department.

Just this morning I spotted three different men, who when I locked eyes with, I thought to myself "I'd make out with you."

So today's list, in celebration of the excitement that beards bring in my life, I give you some of my favorite current beards.

Seneca Crane
Fun fact, I actually leaned over to my friend, during The Hunger Games and said these words: 
"I'm oddly attracted to him."

The Avett Brothers
This type of beard says to me, "Come on over honey, I'll strum on my guitar. We'll drink mulled cider. Maybe, if you're feeling feisty, I'll let you pluck my banjo."

Ron Swanson
Not technically a beard. But the only man with a mustache I'd consider having a passionate love-affair with. I want to be the librarian that isn't Tammy and makes the whole Parks Department rethink their stance on books.

But really. It's this version of Nick Offerman that really makes me thankful for beards.

My second favorite photo.
I need to stop with the swooning.

So readers, who claims your favorite beard? Do you have a beard of your own? Leave the love in the comments!

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