List #135: Make Me Laugh

A sense of humor is a key component to my version of a great man. I want someone who has a laugh that is infectious. I want him to think my laugh is adorable. And I want us to make each other laugh all of the time.

So it should come as no surprise that some of my biggest celebrity crushes are funny men. Yes, I get slightly weak-kneed for Ryan Gosling. But give me a man who would be slightly awkward if it wasn't for his impecable sense of humor and you'll see me at full swoon.
Seth Myers
Head-writer for SNL. Steelers fan. Bikes for Cancer while making funny jokes about current events. I want to drink a few beers with Seth Myers and sing along to Steelers Playoff songs. We can go to Primanti's and then I'd take him to the Heinz History Center and teach him facts about our favorite city. But Brenna has dibs on Seth. She's much more into sports than I am and actually lives in New York City. 

So instead, I'll suggest a double date with Seth and Brenna, if he brings along:
Jason Sudekis
So maybe he is dating Olivia Wilde, quite possibly in the top 5 most annoying women in Hollywood, but I still can't help but crushing. Even when he is being Mitt Romney on Saturday Night, I just want to bring him home, cuddle up on the couch, and read together. Plus, his uncle is Norm from Cheers. Think of how much fun Thanksgiving could be.

Or maybe, if the above two are busy.
Horatio Sanz
I don't even know what I would do with Horatio Sanz. But I actually have a slight suspicion that might me laugh until my stomach and cheeks hurt. Oh, the beard.

So men of my life, take note. You should be good a ribbing a little. I can handle some well-natured jokes at my own expense. Just don't cross the line and start telling me how I think I should do my job and run my life. You should laugh a tiny bit when I repeat a corny joke heard from an 7-year old. But not too much. And your version of funny should also include some political humor, and not rely too heavily on the gags and practical jokes.

I'm looking forward to learning your laughs. And can't wait to share mine.

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