Letter #28: Christmas Cards I Did Not Write

I'm in the process of writing and sending over 30 Christmas cards.  It's not a lot by some people's standards, I know. But for a single girl with not even a cat to take a photo of and send off in the post, over 30 cards is enough. All that's left is to gather up a few stray addresses and put them in the mail for Monday.

But what about the cards I won't send? A few messages that aren't going out in cards this year.

Dear Friend on the other side of America,
Thank you for calling in the wee hours of the morning and holding your cell phone up at that concert. Thank you for explaining to your wife how this is a friend's theme song and thank you to her for understanding even if she's never met me. Our friendship is a quirky one and I appreciate you knowing just how much a song heard, even scratchy through mobile lines, would warm me on the inside. Here's hoping your new year continues to be as fabulous as this past one was for you.

Dear Library Patrons,
We have this odd sort of relationship, where we are a part of each other's daily lives but aren't exactly friends. And I hope that when we're closed for a few days the holidays find you warm and loved. You may not know how much I enjoy you and honestly, that's the way it should be. So this holiday season just know that the girl who gives you books sometimes stays up late worrying about you and she hopes that you're looking forward to 2012 reads as much as she is.

Dear Men from My Past,
I thought about writing you a card this year. A simple note to let wish a merry holiday. But I didn't and I won't. Because sometimes being the nice girl has its limits. Ho Ho Ho.

Dear Twitter Friends,
Not too long ago I thought Twitter was best used for finding out when Vera Bradley was having a sale. I didn't understand why I would want to share my life with strangers and I never wanted to the be the person who felt compelled to tweet photos of her day. But then I sort of stumbled upon you during a period of transition, started expressing my feelings and found wonderful people. Sure, I gained followers but I also gained confidence. So thank you for not being Facebook. Thank you for retweets, podcamps, and favorites.  Happy Holidays to you and the wacky families you'll be tweeting about.

Dear Tim Tebow,
It's probably true that no one dislikes you. You're a pretty likable guy and your football season has certainly been a unique thing to watch. I just wanted to wish you a Merry Little Christmas. And ask you, do you have one of those statues of Santa praying before Jesus in your house? If not, I'll pick one up for you at a craft fair for next year.

As Always,
Lots of Love.

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