List #110: The Things We Talk About When We Talk about Late Nights

That space of time when you're pressed up against another body in bed. Warm heat radiating on a brisk autumn evening, winter breaking through on the outside just about ready to settle and stay. Blankets twisted around your legs. Faces inches apart, breathing in sweet musky air.

Each word spoken a measured statement. Nothing is leaving your lips without contemplation. Small breaths taken in between each sentence. Your arms going numb as you're afraid to shift and chase away the comfortable. Words escape the mouth you can't help but kiss.

An off cuff statement, loaded with allusion and hints. This is not the time to ask what was meant. And as you both drift off to sleep you can't help but think about its implications and slowly smile. This other being, leans over your curled self, pecks your cheek and whispers in your ear. "I missed you."

And soon light snores fill the room.

 All of that.

So dear readers, do you know these moments? Care to share?


  1. I have not know many of these moments, but I drink them in when I do. It's been far too long since. I have shared such time with anyone.

  2. I feel like I'm new to these moments. At the different stages in my life, there were none of them because we were not allowed to sleep in the same bed (high school) or being in bed was purely sexual and booze-filled (college & after).

    Sean says when we first started dating and I would start snoring, he'd kiss the top of my head lightly and I'd stop. Thinking about that brings a smile to my face.