Note: A Little like that Lyrics

There is a Matt Nathanson lryic that resonates with me deep inside my heart. Just the first few chords of this song makes me want to cry because I perpetually feel like I'm the one that got away. Not just for one man, but for a few. The girl they look back on and realize that Damn. They had it good with me. And I'm proud of this. Because in some strange way it reminds me that I was important in their life but I was just a too bit too much, or they were just a smidge not enough, and that's how our stories are written.

I can't change the past and I don't think I'd want to be their girl at this particular time in the future anyway.

But I do want to be: 

"You sounded so good on the phone
all moved up and all moved on."

And so I strive everyday to be the girl who sounds so good on the phone. No reason why that girl can't be me. 

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