List #96: Songs of the Decade (part 2)

Age: 21
Year: 2002
Location: Allegheny College, Junior/Senior Year, The Barn, Assorted bars in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh

My twenty-first birthday fell on a night of a major autumn event at my college.  AND a new bar opened in our very tiny town. AND I was about one of the last 6 people in my senior class to turn 21.  When I say everyone was out at the bar that night, I mean everyone. Plus, since I went to a super small school everyone knew each other (for better or for worse) where it was really cheap to drink, so my birthday drinks were plenitful.  There was video footage of this night but thankfully YouTube wasn't around back then and I was saved *most* of the embarassment. So what was I jamming out to when I was Vice-President of my sorority and living in the best house on campus?

Hot in Herre, Nelly
To. This. Day. I want to have a dance party when I hear it. It is a song that epitomizes college, sorority formals and summer clubs in Pittsburgh.  Is this an appropriate song for weddings? If not, I still want it played at mine. So take note future husband, we're gonna get so hot that we're gonna want to take our clothes off.

Girlfriend, Nsync featuring Nelly
Apparently Nelly was a big player in my version of 2002.  But honestly, *Nysnc was an even bigger player.  This girl has gone to 2 *Nysnc concerts and crushed on JC Chasez long before Justin Timberlake was the man he is today. (You can argue that JT was always the hot one. But I'll refer you to the denim suit he wore with Britney and then show you an SNL skit of him today. I'll win). And in 2002, I still just wanted to be your girlfriend.

Return of the Mac, Mark Morrison
I have no idea what this is talking about. I have even less of an idea of why it was a hit. And it certainly wasn't released in 2002. But a sorority sister and I would request it at every formal event and the DJ always played it. It's a terrible song, but when you're tipsy on whiskey sours and in formal attire, it makes perfect sense. For the record, I refused to even listen to this song before I added it to the list.

Any other 2002 shout-outs? Leave them in the comments. And tell us, what you were listening to when you turned 21.

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