List #95: Songs of the Decade (part 1)

Whittling down your last few days as a 20-something makes you think. But I'm determined to embrace this milestone age with a positive and grateful attitude. So, inspired by Pandora, I'm compiling a list of the top songs that remind me of years 20-29.  They'll be posted sometime between now and 9/28.

First up?

Age: 20
Year: 2001
Location: Allegheny College, Junior Year, The Barn, Pittsburgh, Greece

Hero, Enrique Iglesias 
September 2001, ten years ago we can all remember what happened. And this song, with a few others, played on a continuous loop on MTV. For a few weeks at the beginning of my junior year I couldn't sleep without the television on. And quite honestly, I think most of America felt the same way.

Jumpin', Jumpin', Destiny's Child
Pretty sure this song didn't come out when I was 20. But I was on dance team in college and we did do a dance to this junior year. We performed at basketball games. And there was one student, notorious on campus, who would come to the basketball games. Then waited until our performance was about to start, and  open the Wall Street Journal to read during halftime. Girls, dancing, in skimpy clothing < Wall Street Journal for one basketball fan.

3 x 5, John Mayer
I fell in love with John Mayer my sophomore year of college and he became the musical force behind my Napster downloads and Winamp playlist from that point forward. I first went to Greece just after my junior year ended, just 20 years old, and I played this song oh, so much. On a portable CD player with very large headphones. Of course this was before he became the manwhore he is today and I thought him of most dreamy boyfriend material.

I have no idea when this blog became so much about music. But since this blog is public, and so many people I know do read it, I can't always say everything I might. For fear of being judged or whatever it is people do when friends write blogs. But I also know that what better way to leave a decade behind than to celebrate the best of it and move on. So dear, readers? What was a song that cemented itself to your year 20?

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