LIst # 83: Heat Wave!

Like most of the country, my city is in the middle of a heat wave that makes doing anything remotely physical outside unbearable. It was so hazy and humid today that it honestly felt like walking through pudding. And yeah, I get that come February I'll be once again dreaming of sticky, hot, summer afternoons. But come February, I will once again tell you that I only truly enjoy this type of hot when I'm sitting next to a large body of water.

So, what does this type of weather make me want to do?

1. Nafpaktos, Greece. I choose this town over an island because it's quiet, small and I know I could get spot on the beach near a cafe that would serve me Nescafe all afternoon. For this little day dream, I'd also like to bring all of my single girlfriends with me.

2. A raft in the pool. Preferably with a book and a pair of sunglasses. Also, I'd like a raft that has a spot for my drink too. Honestly, right now I think it's too hot for alcohol so just give me an endless supply of iced tea and I'll be fine.

3. Gelato. Preferably somewhere in Italy. I've never been to Italy and considering it's a Mediterranean county and therefore counts as being by a large body of water, I'll take it for this time of year. Maybe a handsome man to share some gelato with too. Could be any nationality. This isn't Eat, Pray, Love and being Italian is not a requirement. An American man would do just fine.

4. Cape Cod. Just a simple vacation, preparing meals in the house kitchen and spending the day walking the coastline and reading on the beach. Ideally, all of my book-loving friends would come along and we'd never run out of new things to read. And we'd cook some amazing vegetarian meals with some seafood thrown in for those of us that like it.

5. Zorba. Or if I can't have any of these fantasies, how about just a cold room with this movie playing. Anyone can come as long as they bring some type of dip-themed appetizer and a cold drink. Secret, true story: I think I barely read this book when it was assigned to me in college. Probably had to do with the fact that I was actually drinking retsina and not worried about reading modern Greek classics at the time. I fell in love with other stories then. But boy, do I love the movie.


  1. I have never seen Zorba; but after watching that clip, I MUST!!!

    And if you take that trip to Cape Cod for book-reading and cooking, I'm tagging along!!! :-D

  2. Oh, glad to know I'll be making a Zorba the Greek convert.

    And you'll be on the list for any dreamy Cape Cod vacation. I can't cook but do make some good veggie dishes. *dream*